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Been a while but let’s take a moment to realize the success!

13 May

So we never got around to posting about the success of the Argentina or Bust Artmusic Clusterfuck. A few months later, I finally decided to update the blog and decided I needed to dig up some old pictures from the party. So here they are! Click on the picture below for a link to the flickr set.

So exactly how successful was the party? We raised a few hundred bucks and… we made it to Argentina! Maren and I have been in Buenos Aires already for a few months, since February to be precise, and our stay has already lasted much longer than we expected. Maren did her residency and has some paintings to show for it, but more on this in the near future. All together if you contributed to the cause at the party, your money was well spent! Along with being a fucking rad party. That’s me missing an eyebrow over there.

chair and other


Shit just got green

17 Sep

Check us out, we’ve gotten greener, taken a few steps towards sustainability and urban farming. We even gots chickens, bitch.

Making the coops.

There’s four of them. It’s still just a daycare pen, they’re too young to stay out the night .

Compost bin to process all the bird poop along with our food waste..

Turkeys not Turkies

21 Jun

It’s been two weeks. I haven’t been to the warehouse, except for the occasional change of wardrobe, to remind the neighbors that I own a drum set, and to find out that some roomies moved out. Dang. Other than that I’ve been nerding out on science fiction boardgames and devouring time on video games over at the Thorsen House. You dudes rule. Some good time with friends. Rode my bike back and forth a bunch. Slept with Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Healthy in my book.

Off that tangent, here’s some turkeys. Have you realized that turkeys save the ‘y’ in the plural of their name? As do monkeys. These are pictures taken on 35mm and scanned poorly at your local Walgreens. Here’s a link to the online gallery. Click on ’em to see ’em better.

And try to listen to KALX 90.7 more. It’s good for you. Especially at the wee hours of the night.


Turkey One.


Turkey Two (actually the same turkey).




The Hipster Fence Retracting into the Distance.




Love It.

Nearly Burned the Place Down

5 Jun

So here’s what happened. We get a call yesterday at around two in the afternoon, someone talking about coming over and dropping off their equipment over at the warehouse. We had no idea who it was or what they were talking about. Apparently a couple bands were in town on tour and looking for a place to play. To make a long story short, a few hundred beers, sixty people, roughly a dozen noise complaints, five people on the boat, four bands, a three person mosh pit, one bonfire, one visit from the cops, three-quarters of a fire extinguisher extinguished, and half a head shaven later, we’re all still alive and sufficiently hung-over. It was a kick-ass party, and all on a day’s whim. So here’s a shout out to the bands that surprised us and rocked out the warehouse last night, you guys brought a liberating variety of sounds, good vibes, and a shit-ton of equipment. Hell yeah.

Also if anyone has any pictures from last night, please please please share them with me! My cameras malfunctioned last night and I have no pics. (You can find my email on the ‘About’ page.)

The first band was a noise-pop rock band from San Francisco, The Tambo Rays. Check out their website where you can find links to their Facebook and Soundcloud. They’re catchy, elaborate, and reverberantly noisy in the good way, as you can hear in their song Itchy Eyes. And there’s also a great music video for their song Dragging Our Bones, elaborate indeed. They’re playing with MEAT MARKET on June 22nd at the RVCA store in the Haight. I’ll be going, as should you.

The second band was a garage rock band formed in Santa Cruz and relocated to Oakland, MEAT MARKET. Check out their Tumblr and listen to their stuff on their Bandcamp page. I’ve seen them play nearly a dozen times and they never get old. I’d put them somewhere near surf rock but, as clearly stated in their song Don’t Surf, they don’t surf. Dirtier, louder, and more umph than a late-60’s psychedelic garage rock revival band, they pack some good punk rock. I eagerly await the day that their fame grows to beat the local carnicerias on the google search results page. Stick with the beat, hang with the meat.

The third band was a glum rock band from Pennsylvania, Viking Moses. They were only a couple songs into their set before they were interrupted by a visit from Oakland PD. I was just coming back from a liquor run when the police arrived so I didn’t even get to hear a single note of their stuff. Hell of a bummer. This is a link to their website but it doesn’t seem to be too current. You can find their more recent stuff if you look up their recent uploads on Youtube. Their older stuff on their Myspace sounds sweet and soft, soothing for melancholic moods. I saw some videos of them playing their last album live and I’d say they’ve been growing rougher, heavier, and bluesier. Gave me a first impression of something like BRMC or Cold War Kids. Pissed they couldn’t play. Sorry guys. They’re on tour now and they’ll be playing in Echo Park on Thursday, so Los Angelinos be sure to go see them.

After the police gave us a warning we closed the garage doors and Teenage Mysticism played a low volume semi-unplugged set without the drums. They’re also from Pennsylvania, are touring with Viking Moses and share elements with them. The sound was very melodic, the mood calm and relaxing. Good tunes for coming off the heavier stuff and to close off the night. A friend of mine said they remind him a little bit of Velvet Undergound but a little less lo fi, sweeter vocals and more constructed. They remind me of a band but I can’t put my finger on which. Listen to them here on their Bandcamp page.

I’ll update the post with pictures as I find them.

For now here’s one from the aftermath of the fire. Bader woke up at five in the morning to the smell of smoke and ran outside to find this mattress on fire. I guess it was a little too close to the smoulders of the dying bonfire. Him and Micky put it out. Then Micky put it out when it caught fire again the second time. Saved our lives twice in one morning. Thanks for reals dudes. I don’t think I would’ve woken up from my drunken sleep if my mattress lit on fire.

Here’s a picture taken by the Tambo Rays

Urban Ore

29 May

I know Urban Ore is the name of one of those overpriced “salvage” thrift lots in the East Bay. So they had a clever name idea. It made me come to think of the garbage humanity has furnished this world with, lot’s of it, lying around, forgotten. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, to admire industrial-grade loads of junk. To think of the trouble that someone, somewhere went through to make this stuff. I’ll post a link to a series of photographs I took rummaging around through Oakland as well as images of a poster I made with one of those photos.

This first one is an image of a totaled WV Cabriolet I stumbled upon in West Oakland. Modified on Photoshop, printed on several eight-and-a-half by elevens, glued onto the wall using regular PVA glue, then painted over with PVA mixed with a powdered red tint.

Here’s the original picture. Taken with a 35mm Pentax SL.

Here’s the poster laid out.

Here’s one of the process.

Here’s one of the final thing done. I didn’t take a picture of it at the time and much has changed since then so there’s a bit of graffiti overlapping onto it from below.

Click here or the photo-link below if you want to see more photos of junk. Black and white. Mostly from West Oakland.