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5 Oct

This may be the event we’ve put most heart into. Rather, it certainly is. It’s happening October 13th and 14th. This mindblower is thrown to the cause of artist Maren Preson’s art-adventure to Buenos Aires, Argentina. If the event turns out to be as swell as we anticipate, the ARTMUSIC CLUSTERFUCK may be an idea to be repeated in the future. To art and all else that is healthily thought-altering.

Enjoy the awesome flyers. The first flyer was drawn by the hand of Maren Preston and then worked on digitally by Daniele Violi.

The second flyer was made by the awesome Sean Vranizan.


Here’s the weekend program:


=============THE PARTY===========

HARDWOOD STUDIOS is hosting an epic fundraiser on October 13th and 14th for artist Maren Preston’s art residency opportunity in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in March of 2013.

We’re calling it ARGENTINA OR BUST, because we’re helping her get there with all our moral support (and some monetary support).

$4-10 Donations will be accepted at the door, if you wish to support the cause of art and music be generous! We’ll still let you in if you’re broke (because we’re that cool and we know that you’re poor as well) just try to bring a couple bucks.

=============THE GALLERY==========

The gallery opens Saturday October 13th at noon till midnight and will also be open Sunday October 14th from noon till about 8pm.

Art will be on display and some will be on SALE with proceeds to the artist. There will be prints, photos, paintings and other art by:

Sean Vranizan:
Elizabeth Hibbard
Maren Preston:
Daniele Violi
Amanda Pence Hopkins
Vivian Fu:
Katie Barretta:
Emily Lalande

Some stuff will be really cheap (like prints and t-shirts) so rack up the change from the couch and you’ll likely go home with something awesome.


Some projections will be held throughout the day, by:

Marina Fini
Jeff Sleeper
Ryan Tekulve


There will also be a MUMMIFIED CAT and a RACCOON UTERUS exhibit, SALVADOR DALI will be there in person, in all the glory of his late mustache phase, to assist in the mind blowing. Pay $3 to see the CAT and RACCOON and you will receive a free drink.

=============THE MUSIC==========

Music will be playing throughout the day. The schedule and description is subject to change, but more or less here goes:

Two Pretty Girls
Kelsey Lynd


Whiskey Pageant


Nouveau Abstruse
Tesla’s Eyeball (MUSIC AND VIDEOART)



Penis Envy
Raijan Fujin


Hardwood Studios
816 27th Avenue
94601 Oakland CA

$4-10 DONATIONS at the DOOR

Contact us at:



To The Cuban

24 May

I’ve got to give props to The Cuban.

He was the first person I confessed the blog idea to, well, as well as I can remember he’s the first. He approved. For those who don’t know him, he’s a seemingly shy one, reserved, but always very well spoken. He’s at his best when he’s subtly offensive and admiringly vulgar. When he wants to be heard he wants you to listen. And if you’re offended, you’re listening.

So this second post is dedicated to Max. Here’s one of his pieces. I read it as the depiction of a conflict with the temperamental nature of human sexual desire. A desire not unlike the rain — fogging, sporadic and temporal. You try to question it and the you end up wanting to ask fewer questions, ultimately to embrace the unpredictable, unexplainable and unquestionable. Max is probably gonna sing me a new one when he reads my butchering criticism.


When it’s about nothing

Not that you’d say,
it’s too soon
for a night of lovemaking
but as there’s rain
yes it is

I can be called in from the rain
feel like going out
(feel like elision hadn’t taken place)
and wish I had not left the rain
for imagine, I was lovemaking

I can be thinking of the whereabouts
of the (greatly considered) lovemaker
I can be smoking, huddled in the rain
and before I know it I am given to lovemaking in the rain.
You think as one is like another,

Halfway through lovemaking the rain stops.
Do you call that lovemaking in the rain?
(see how far the obfuscating takes me)

The liking for lovemaking is my thing.
I’m likely to feel as ready for lovemaking tomorrow
unless there’s rain, on and off.
He says himself, Looks like that
can only come from the lovemaker’s heart,
can only come from the rain.

-Max Pujals

Also we gotta catch up on posting pictures. We don’t have as many as we’d like from the initial weeks. But here’s one from me and Bader’s first night. That blackness in the far left is the large door open.

Taken on a 35mm Pentax SL. I obviously don’t have a light meter.

Here’s another from that night. This time turn right about 80 degrees. If you can make out the tarp hanging from the ceiling on the right, that’s the landlord’s idea of a waterproofing solution. We had to wait for the restraining order on the neighbor to go in effect before the landlord could repair that far end of the roof.

35mm Pentax SL