Been a while but let’s take a moment to realize the success!

13 May

So we never got around to posting about the success of the Argentina or Bust Artmusic Clusterfuck. A few months later, I finally decided to update the blog and decided I needed to dig up some old pictures from the party. So here they are! Click on the picture below for a link to the flickr set.

So exactly how successful was the party? We raised a few hundred bucks and… we made it to Argentina! Maren and I have been in Buenos Aires already for a few months, since February to be precise, and our stay has already lasted much longer than we expected. Maren did her residency and has some paintings to show for it, but more on this in the near future. All together if you contributed to the cause at the party, your money was well spent! Along with being a fucking rad party. That’s me missing an eyebrow over there.

chair and other


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