Turkeys not Turkies

21 Jun

It’s been two weeks. I haven’t been to the warehouse, except for the occasional change of wardrobe, to remind the neighbors that I own a drum set, and to find out that some roomies moved out. Dang. Other than that I’ve been nerding out on science fiction boardgames and devouring time on video games over at the Thorsen House. You dudes rule. Some good time with friends. Rode my bike back and forth a bunch. Slept with Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Healthy in my book.

Off that tangent, here’s some turkeys. Have you realized that turkeys save the ‘y’ in the plural of their name? As do monkeys. These are pictures taken on 35mm and scanned poorly at your local Walgreens. Here’s a link to the online gallery. Click on ’em to see ’em better.

And try to listen to KALX 90.7 more. It’s good for you. Especially at the wee hours of the night.


Turkey One.


Turkey Two (actually the same turkey).




The Hipster Fence Retracting into the Distance.




Love It.


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