The Angry Ex-Girl

31 May

The angry ex-girlfriend series has seemed to spark some questions amongst some people so I’ll make a statement.  It’s an image of an ex-girlfriend who will remain unnamed. It’s a particularly underexposed photo of her nude body holding a sassy pose. I’ve made several pieces using this image. For me these pieces present the depersonification of a mental image, the objectification of a memory. It’s a detachment from reality. These pieces are not a person, but a depiction of a nude woman’s body.

These are the first two pieces I did with the photo. For the first one I used blue paper with red-tinted PVA glue, for the second I used red paper with blue-tinted PVA glue. On cardboard. At a certain point the printer ran out of ink, as you can see on the bottom right of the left one.

These three are images framed behind glass. I first printed them out black and white then ran them through the printer again to add the color.

This is my latest. It’s a larger version of the poster on wood. Printed out at the local Office Max. Done with PVA glue, red tint, and house paint. The pic is a little overexposed.


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