Urban Ore

29 May

I know Urban Ore is the name of one of those overpriced “salvage” thrift lots in the East Bay. So they had a clever name idea. It made me come to think of the garbage humanity has furnished this world with, lot’s of it, lying around, forgotten. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, to admire industrial-grade loads of junk. To think of the trouble that someone, somewhere went through to make this stuff. I’ll post a link to a series of photographs I took rummaging around through Oakland as well as images of a poster I made with one of those photos.

This first one is an image of a totaled WV Cabriolet I stumbled upon in West Oakland. Modified on Photoshop, printed on several eight-and-a-half by elevens, glued onto the wall using regular PVA glue, then painted over with PVA mixed with a powdered red tint.

Here’s the original picture. Taken with a 35mm Pentax SL.

Here’s the poster laid out.

Here’s one of the process.

Here’s one of the final thing done. I didn’t take a picture of it at the time and much has changed since then so there’s a bit of graffiti overlapping onto it from below.

Click here or the photo-link below if you want to see more photos of junk. Black and white. Mostly from West Oakland.


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