Manship Makes Rats

29 May

Today I’ll post a piece done here on the warehouse walls by the lovely and solar Maren Preston. She’s an artist and student over at UC Santa Cruz. We met for the first time at a party where she tattooed my head, the good ol’ stick-and-poke way. I tend to concede much to interesting strangers.

She works with a variety of mediums on canvases, wood, found items, and from what I understand anything she can get her hands on. I hear she’s fiddling with sculpture lately. I can’t say too much about her art because I’ve only seen it through pictures. I know her art was recently featured at the Leeds Gallery on Locust Street in Santa Cruz. I regret missing it. I’ll post a link to some of her stuff when I get one.

This is a piece she painted on the warehouse walls a few weeks ago with some old house paint, India Ink, and a toothbrush. It was a spontaneous decision to paint, as was the choice of subject. The expression on the face and the features of the ship are grieving and crying. They feel like the mediums look — dripping down the wall undisturbed. Misery plagues the Maship’s eye. But the rats crawl happily out from the piece, polluting the air like smoke pluming out of an industrious smokestack or locomotive. The rats give purpose to the struggle of the manship and its idol sailor.


Don’t mind the piece on canvas above it.


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