Hardwood Studios

24 May

Why Hardwood Studios? We’ll tell you later.

For now I’ll start the blog. Sitting here wasting, looking at my surroundings, having just given myself the latest self-inflicted stick-and-poke (the best and most precise to date may I add), I can’t help but posting something and putting it somewhere to share. I know it won’t last long, the blog or the warehouse. But I’ll give it a shot. It’ll make me take more pictures. Maybe make me practice my writing. All the while with a theme and very with very little focus.


This is a picture from about two months ago. From when we first “moved in.” Taken from an iPhone camera, standing outside the big door looking in. This is after we cleared the debris from the inside.

iPhone Camera

As a late start bonus, this one’s from tonight. I don’t believe in anarchy, I don’t have such faith in humanity, but the rat does.


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